Strange but true!

This is a picture of a Nudibranch Sea Slug. Unlike garden slugs, this one is colourful & beautiful, with waving spurs sticking out of its back!
Its main food is sea anemones, another kind of sea creature.

Sea anemones are covered in tiny stinging cells, which explode at the
slightest touch, sending a poison dart into the body of any passing fish. How then can our sea slug eat an anemone without being killed?!
We don't know how, but we DO know that it eats the anemone - poison cells and all - without tripping the darts!

Even more amazing is the next part of the story: when those deadly stinging cells reach the sea slug's stomach, they are not digested, but pass down tiny tubes from the stomach to those waving spurs on the back.
The sea slug actually stores these stolen sting cells on its back, and uses them for its own defence!

Yes, any prey that touches the sea slug wands will trigger the poison dart, and be speared.
So.... it is impossible for a sea slug to have evolved the clever equipment which enables it to steal the stinging cells without setting them off. Millions of years would make no difference, since a single dart exploding would destroy the sea slug - there is no second chance!
The amazing sea slug must have been DESIGNED that way by our Creator God. No other explanation makes any sense!
Remember too that if a sea slug didn't evolve, then neither did anything else.
ALL things were created by God, just as the Bible says, perfectly fitted for their own way of life.                                                                           
Meet your Creator

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