Testimony - what God has done !

John's testimony: healing of blood disorder: May 2022

After my hip replacement operation I felt lethargic and quite weak, so I was sent to hospital for tests. I was diagnosed with Myelodysplasia, which is where white blood cells kill the red cells.

At our next Sunday church meeting our pastor asked if anyone needed prayer, so I shared about my illness, and many brothers & sisters there prayed for me.

My next hospital appointment was two months away, so when I went back I was very concerned. I had blood samples taken again and the doctor was very pleased with the results as my red blood cell count was much stronger. She was happy to extend my next check-up to six months.

I am getting stronger each day, and thank Jesus for His healing touch.

Praise Him!


Fran's testimony: peace during a critical eye test: May 2022

I have Glaucoma in both eyes and to keep my licence to continue driving I had to take a visual eye test. The pass mark for the test has to be below 3.

The first time I took the test I was VERY anxious. The technician doing the test also reminded me of the pass mark, which made me even more nervous! After the test I was told my score was over 3. The technician then asked if I would like to take the test again after a 15 minute pause. If I did, both test results would be sent to the DVLA.

I spent the next 15 minutes in prayer asking GOD for HELP.

As I went in to take the 2nd test I felt calm and a sense of peace. For the Lord said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." The result of my 2nd test was 0 - a perfect score! I began to thank the Lord for his goodness to me. I think the people in the waiting room where surprised, but I believe you should give God thanks for His love and care. It doesn't matter where you are.

Praise the Lord! ...


Lungs Healed by Jesus!   

A member of our congregation has been suffereing from pulmonary fibrosis, which has been deteriorating over the past year to the point where breathing and sustained conversation had become difficult.

During a time of prayer before our Sunday afternoon meeting, another lady felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to go and pray for her.

She felt nothing at the time, nor when she got home later. However, the following morning when she got out of bed, she was overwhelmed because she could breathe again easily.

She had an hospital appointment later that same day, and they reported that her oxygen levels had recovered to normal. Praise the Lord!


Elaine's testimony: Trapped Nerve Healed by Jesus!   

Elaine came to our Sunday 4pm service and asked for prayer during the meeting as her back was painful from a trapped nerve. She had suffered this for several days.

A few people gathered round her and prayed for her back to be healed in Jesus Name.

The following day she reported that she had been completely pain-free. We praise our Heavenly Father for His love and compassion, and to the Lord Jesus for healing Elaine.


Liz's testimony: Healed by Jesus!   

I suffer from liver impairment and as a result had developed veins in my oesophagus which were potentially dangerous as they could cause internal bleeding. (I had been hospitalised some months ago because of this.)

The treatment for this condition involves banding the veins to prevent bleeding. I was due to have this procedure repeated for the third time in 9 weeks and, to be honest, was dreading it as, apart from being unpleasant, the after effects left me feeling quite poorly.

On the Sunday prior to my appointment we had Rev Randy Vickers from the Northumbrian Christian Healing centre speaking to us. As the meeting was closing he caught my eye and came over to me; he gently took my hands and I felt a surge of warmth through my body as he prayed.

Afterwards I just knew that God had touched me.

The following Tuesday I attended the hospital for the procedure as arranged. I had an endoscopy as usual with sedation. When I came round in the recovery room I knew instinctively that the banding hadn't taken place as I had no pain. On discharge I was told that this was indeed the case. The plan had been to band the two remaining veins, but they were NO LONGER THERE ! When I got home and read the medical report, I was amazed that the list of medical terms (which normally have negative comments) all said either 'normal' or 'none'!

I cannot praise God enough for his wondrous healing power and love, and hope that this my testimony will serve as an encouragement to us all to keep on praying for the sick and to be expectant of healing.


Dave's testimony: Abscess Healed by Jesus!    #

Dave came to church and was obviously in discomfort as he found it hard to sit due to a painful abscess.

This was a long-term issue, and quite serious as there was a risk of it bursting, causing a haemorrhage.

At then end of the meeting he came forward and asked for prayer. Two members prayed for his healing in the Name of Jesus.

When Dave got home he noticed the pain was subsiding. Within three days it had completely disappeared. Praise the Lord!


Margaret's testimony: Lost Mobile Returned

Margaret didn't realise until she got back home that her mobile - with all her phone No's and contact details - was missing.

Thinking about it, she reckoned that she's probably left it on the No 16 bus, but before checking with the Lost Property office, Margaret rang the number and it was engaged, so she knew someone had picked it up! After 5 mins she received a phone call from her old mobile. The person had found the phone on the bus, but she felt that, as they had already begun to using it, they really intended to keep it.

Margaret gave them her address, but asked the church to pray about it, as she wasn't hopeful of getting it back, but desperately needed her phone book.

The church prayed but several days passed, and Margaret began to give up hope....until a package arrived with her phone intact.

Coincidence? As Archbishop Temple famously said, "All I know is that when I pray 'coincidences' happen. And when I don't pray, they don't happen!"


Lost keys

One of our members, was going away and locked some important things in a filing cabinet. However, when he came home a few days later, he couldn't find where he'd put the keys!

He wasn't too troubled, because, although it was a bit frustrating, he reckoned the keys would turn up, and started to check the obvious places where he may have put them. He was pretty sure that they had been placed in his computer bag, but despite checking every compartment thoroughly, he couldn't find them.

After a week passed, it was now becoming quite urgent because some DVDs for the church Alpha course were locked in there, and they were needed for the following Tuesday!

Our member was not only cross with himself at this absent-minded loss, but was also getting a bit tetchy with God, because he'd asked the Lord to show him where the keys were, but had heard nothing! This was strange because he'd found lots of things in the past once he'd stopped striving, sat down and asked the Lord to show him where the missing thing was.

Over the next few days, he turned the computer bag inside out, and looked in every conceivable place, but the keys could not be found.

One morning during his quiet time with the Lord, the Holy Spirit gave him these verses from Psalm 73:

21 When my soul was embittered, when I was pricked in heart,
22 I was stupid and ignorant, I was like a beast toward You.
23 Nevertheless I am continually with You; You hold my right hand.
24 You guide me with Your counsel, and afterward You will receive me to glory.
25 Whom have I in heaven but You? And there is nothing upon earth that I desire besides You.
26 My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion for ever.
Ps 73:21-26

He realised that in his frustration and disappointment, he was blaming God for not showing up at the time he demanded, and that his attitude was completely wrong! Yet despite this bad attitude, God showed him that He loved him, was for him, and had great plans still for his future life

As he repented in his heart of this wrong attitude, he went straight over to the computer bag, and there was the leather key fob.

Praise the Lord for His wonderful love and kindness, even when we are feeling out of sorts!


Carol's testimony: felt unwell but healed by Jesus

One of our members, Carol*, was feeling under the weather, and would have stayed at home rather than come to our Sunday service.

However, she was due to introduce the time of communion in the meeting, so made an effort to go, although she felt quite weak and unwell.

During communion, Carol shared about her dad and how he had been such a kind man, who always put his family first. As a child, if she was ever worried or fearful about anything, he would always comfort and support her. She said that when she became a Christian, she could see that her Heavenly Father, God, was just the same as her dad -- kind, generous and caring! She said that she felt so weak, and that if she hadn't been taking part in the service, she would have not come out.

After she had introduced communion, someone prayed a simple prayer for her, asking God our Father, in the name of Jesus, to touch her life and make her whole from whatever was making her feel poorly.

Carol thought nothing more about it during the rest of the service, but when she got home, she realised that she felt wonderful and that God had really touched her and lifted whatever had been making her ill.

God is kind, He is passionate about us, and longs for us to know Him as our Heavenly Father. He is the very best Dad anyone could hope for. Praise Him!
How do you get to know your Heavenly Father?
*Not her real name


Nancy's testimony: her cold healed by Jesus

I had been awake all night with a sore throat and coughing and felt 'pretty rough' on the Tuesday when I got up. However this was our special Day of Prayer and I REALLY wanted to be there.

Commonsense told me I should stay indoors and not 'spread the germs' around! However heart won over sense and along I went. I could hardly join in the singing and prayers as my voice was so 'raspy' but I DID ask God to protect my brothers and sisters from catching any germs! One of our group then prayed a simple prayer that God would remove the cold from me.

We went on praying, singing etc through the day and it was about 5pm during one of our 'breaks' when I suddenly realised my cold had completely vanished - no cough - no hoarse voice - no sore throat - HEALED!

And - as far as I know - no-one else caught it from me. We serve a wonderful God!


All these testimonies are about people battling with cancer:
Depression gone!
Debbie is the niece of one of our members, John. She lives in Wales with her husband and two young children.
Last year she was recovering from a cancer operation, and although this seemed a success, Debbie was left feeling depressed and uncertain of her future. Debbie was not a Christian.

John asked Debbie if our Tuesday morning prayer group could pray for her, which we did fervently, although we had never met her, and she lived miles away ... Debbie reported not only a complete lifting of her depression, but she started going to her local Elim Pentecostal church, and she and husband Paul have committed their lives to Jesus.


Hope ... Dave is a friend of one of our members and has just had a major cancer operation to remove a tumour from his intestine; shortly he has to return for another operation on his liver, to be followed by chemo. Dave is not yet a Christian, but he says that prayer has "definitely made a difference". We continue to pray for Dave, and that he will find freedom and new life that only the Lord Jesus can give!